Ekphest: Eric Elshtain and Mikey Peterson at MoCP

Museum of Contemporary Photography

About The Event

Ekphest : A Festival of Art + Word invites the public to participate in Ekphest, a program of poetry and spoken word events that features a curated selection of Chicago-based poets who respond to works of art in the collections of the city’s museums and other cultural institutions. The festival takes place during National Poetry Month in April.

Referencing  Presidential Moon, 1969 (from the Anachronic Series) by photographer Adam Schreiber, Elshtain will present a short performance of poems centered around the image of the moon, the amplified sound of typewriter keys, and the human voice. The photograph by Schreiber is of a sculptural representation of the moon housed in the basement of the LBJ presidential library. In collaboration with Mikey Peterson, a Chicago-based video-audio artist, Elshtain’s presentation includes sound and film as the poem asks: "What can a little moon do for you?"


View an excerpt from the performance here.

Photo credit: Adam Schreiber, Presidential Moon, 1969 (from the Anachronic Series), 2008