In Their Own Form: Opening Reception + Artist Talk

Museum of Contemporary Photography

About The Event

Opening Reception + Artist Talk: Ayana V. Jackson

Following the opening reception for In Their Own Form, join exhibiting artist Ayana V. Jackson for a talk on her artistic practice, which examines the role of the camera in constructing identity and the role of photography in representing race and gender.  

In Their Own Form seeks to illuminate the myriad ways blackness might hope to exist without the imposition of oppression, racism and stereotypes ever-present in Western cultures, mediated through Afrofuturist themes including time-travel and escapism. Afrofuturism refers to a cross-disciplinary genre that combines science fiction, Afrocentrism, fantasy, technology, and non-Western mythologies as an intellectual and artistic strategy to reimagine and repurpose the fraught past, present, and future of the transnational black experience. Bringing together 13 artists and 33 photographic and video works that negotiate a range of Afro-Diasporic experiences, In Their Own Form prefaces personhood, both fantastical and actual, over perceived realities.


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