Lecture: Despina Stratigakos, Ph.D. The Hidden Bodies of Modernist Architecture

600 S. Michigan Ave. – Ferguson Hall

About The Event

Despina Stratigakos, Ph.D, is a writer, historian, and professor. Her research explores how power and ideology function in architecture, whether in the creation of domestic spaces or of world empires. Her book, Where Are the Women Architects? (2016), investigates why architecture remains a male citadel and how a new generation of activists is transforming the profession. A Women’s Berlin: Building the Modern City (2008), which traces the history of a forgotten female metropolis, won the 2009 German Studies Association DAAD Book Prize. Stratigakos was co-creator of Architect Barbie, released by Mattel in 2011 to inspire young girls to make their mark on a profession in which women remain vastly underrepresented. Stratigakos is a Professor of Architecture at the University at Buffalo.

This program is presented in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Shannon Bool, Bombshell 4, 2018