Teen Workshop: Remixing the Archive


About The Event

Watch the video: https://vimeo.com/478472768

How do images shape our understanding of current and historical events? In this live virtual workshop we will explore artworks from two current exhibitions Anthem (Weinberg/Newton Gallery) and What Does Democracy Look Like? (Museum of Contemporary Photography) as inspiration for new photographs. Working with a camera and everyday materials such as copy paper, paper clippings, and small objects, we will create compositions to tell a story.

This workshop is created in partnership with Weinberg/Newton Gallery and will be lead by Lisa Lindvay, Education Coordinator at Weinberg/Newton Gallery


Household objects
Camera (phone or tablet)

Prep your materials:

Using 4 sheets of copy paper, cut out approximately 12, circles, squares, strips, and triangles

Gather small objects from around your home or outdoors that are a reflection of your personal identity