What Remains

Museum of Contemporary Photography

About The Event

What Remains registers the profound connection between human identity and place through artworks made by artists who are physically dislocated from their home or community. In the exhibition, artists suture together environments that exist across expanses of space or time as they navigate the psychological impact of loss, nostalgia, or longing for a native place. Interlacing novelistic and autobiographical modes of storytelling, each artist expresses the feeling of being distant from some known source of comfort, which persistently exists in one’s consciousness, but cannot be fully reached, only recollected or imagined. Set against volatile political, economic, and natural forces of the late 20th and early 21st century, the exhibition explores feelings of displacement and loss that resonate with circumstances that have been found in contemporary life. At the same time, the exhibition asks questions pondered by individuals throughout human history: Who am I? What has shaped my life? Where do I belong? What Remains is curated by MoCP’s Assistant Curator Allison Grant.