Backstory: LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ron Jude and Guillaume Simoneau

LaToya Ruby Frazier, Grandma Ruby and Me, 2005

About the Exhibition

LaToya Ruby Frazier
Ron Jude
Guillaume Simoneau

The three artists featured in this exhibition — LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ron Jude, and Guillaume Simoneau — tell autobiographical stories by intertwining personal narrative with the social, political, and cultural conditions of place. Although they draw from their personal archives and backstories, their work is not entirely factual or diary-like.  Instead they make projects that provide both specific and universal commentary — their individual histories becoming conduits for exploring collective experience.  They also probe the fleeting, ineffable nature of the past and present, as they investigate the capacity of photography to at once promote and destabilize our sense of individual identity. 

Generous support for Backstory has been provided by David Knaus.