Catherine Wagner: Photographs from the American Classroom Project and the George Moscone Site

Catherine Wagner, From “American Classroom”: Moss Landing Elementary School, Seventh and Eigth Grade Science Room, Moss Landing, California, 1984

About the Exhibition

Since 1982 Wagner has sought out and photographed both traditional and nontraditional education environments ranging from elementary school classrooms to specialized institutions for police cadets, dog groomers, astronauts, and beauticians.  In a style, distinguished by directness and subtle delineation of surface, light and detail, Wagner uses these institutional spaces as a metaphor for broader cultural issues.  This exhibition includes ten images from American Classroom and ten images from the George Moscone Site, a sequence of photographs produced between 1978 and 1982, concurrent with the construction of San Francisco’s George Moscone Convention Center, built underground on the edge of the downtown area of the city.