Changing Chicago: Close-Up– Photographic Essays on Family and Community

James Iska, First Day of School, Hans Christian Anderson Elementary School, 1988

About the Exhibition

Close-Up– Photographic Essays of Family and Community includes photographs by Meg Gerken that document two externally contrasting families showing their inner similarities toward family beliefs, hopes and goals; photographs by James Iska that document the Hans Christian Andersen School, located on West Division Street in the community of West Town on Chicago’s Northwest Side, and illustrate a specific people and place that becomes a remembrance of his childhood; photographs by Angela Kelly on the subject of teenage girls who attended the Chrysalis Learning Center in Chicago, a non-residential educational facility for teenage girls 15-18 years old; photographs by Stephen Marc that document street life in Chicago’s Southside African-American community between the boundaries of Cermak Road south to 130th Street, and Western Avenue east to Lake Michigan or the city limits; photographs by Antonio Perez that document the communities of South Chicago, South Deering, and the East Side of Chicago where the steel industry has dominated the lives of the people for so many years– neighborhoods now threatened with change and economic uncertainty; and a photographic essay by Melissa Pinney that presents women’s struggle to define themselves in relation to one another, to their children, men, and most importantly to themselves.