Cinematic Devices

O. Winston Link, NW 720-Livingroom on the Tracks, Lithia, Virginia, 1955

About the Exhibition

The exhibition Cinematic Devices will include photographic works by contemporary American photographers who incorporate in their work tools implemented in the making of motion pictures:  special lighting techniques, frozen frames in still photography and moving pictures.  The show will feature documentary photographs and street photography, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes, constructed and fabricated works, and film stills by such photographers as Jan Groover, Tina Barney, Cindy Sherman, O. Winston Link, George Hurrell, Rhondal McKinney, Lee Friedlander, and Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, among others.  The exhibition is presented in complement to W. Snyder MacNeil:  Nuclear Portrait in which the artist explores mythological dimensions of everyday family activities in video, video transparency, and platinum prints.