Light Time Focus: Work by Uta Barth, Derges, Fuss, Morell

About the Exhibition

A group exhibition displaying the work of four contemporary artists who are exploring the fundamental principles of the photographic medium as they are addressed in the work of American, British, and Hispanic photographers.  The exhibition will present a selection of Uta Barth’s color photographs from her 1995 series “Field”, black-and-white work from Susan Derges’s 1992 series “The Observer and the Observed,” selections of Adam Fuss’ color camera less photograms, and Abelardo Morell’s black-and-white camera obscura photographs.  Photography records the effects of light as it is shaped and determined by elements of time and focus, and while the individual works of Barth, Derges, Fuss, and Morell reveal very disparate aesthetics and subjects, collectively their photographs demonstrate the defining elements of photography.