Some Southern Stories

Sally Mann, One Big Snake, 1991

About the Exhibition

A group exhibition featuring images and objects of eleven photographers living and working in diverse regions of the southern United States, offering a kaleidoscope of views onto American life. This exhibition considers the rich complexity of the area through photographs and literature, thereby demonstrating not only the power of works that pertain to Southern culture, but also the enigmatic character of itself. Photographers include Debbie Fleming Cafery, William Christenberry, William Eggleston, Elijia Gowen, William Greiner, Sally Mann, John McWilliams, Tom Rankin, Gordon R. Smith, Mike Smith, and Mark Steinmetz.

An accompanying publication features the writing of Lewis Nordan, and Carrie Brown. Both short stories presented in the publication were written specifically for the Some Southern Stories exhibition under the influence of either found photographs or photographs included in the exhibition.