Spaces for the Self; The Symbolic Imagery of Place

Bruce Davidson, Untitled #10, n.d., From “Welsh Miners” Portfolio

About the Exhibition

This exhibition featured eighty works of art and cultural documentation, including contemporary American photographs of space, nature, cities, settlements, dwellings, and cemeteries, with particular attention to their reflection on humanity‚Äôs diverse heritage, traditions, and history, and the current conditions of national life.  The exhibition included work by such American artists and documentarians as Harold Allen, Marilyn Bridges, Bruce Davidson, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, Emmett Gowin, Mark Klett, Dorothea Lange, Danny Lyon, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Richard Misrach, Barbara Morgan, Mary Peck, David Plowden, Paul Strand, and Jerry N. Uelsmann, among many others.  This exhibition was guest curated by Dr. Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi, professor in the departments of education and behavioral sciences at the University of Chicago, with an educational essay written by Dr. Csikszentimihalyi to accompany the show.