Susan Rankaitis: Abstracting Technology, Science and Nature

Susan Rankaitis, DNA #10, 1992

About the Exhibition

A retrospective exhibition of the Los Angeles artist, Susan Rankaitis, born and raised in Illinois, includes combined media photographs and sculpture with reference to science, technology, the history of man’s development, sexual politics, and chaos theory.  Using overlapping, fractured images of the DNA gene code (the building blocs of the human biochemical map), Rankaitis has created  a series of two- and three-dimensional works that explore her interest in the ethics of technology, the implications of genetic engineering, and visual and scientific jargon.  In addition to her subtle use of color, metallic paint and graphite have been integrated into the imagery.  Drawing and painting coexist with the photographically based, manipulated surfaces which are then modified by chemical wastes to further obscure the varying layers of information.