Vik Muniz: Seeing is believing

Vik Muniz, Upside Down Chair, 1997, from “Pictures of Wire” series

About the Exhibition

A retrospective exhibition of approximately 100 by artist Vik Muniz, focusing on work from fourteen of his photographic series created in this decade. Featured series include Pictures with Chocolate, Pictures of Thread, and Equivalents, among others.  Vik Muniz’s artwork involves complex visual trickery. His Pieces of wire series, for example, are photographs of wire constructions that appear to be drawings; Sugar Children, are photographs of portraits that the artist constructed in sugar and soil; and the Pictures with Chocolate series are photographs of images, such as The Last Supper, made with Bosco. A sculptor, draughtsman, painter, as well as photographer, Muniz blurs the distinction between the original artwork and its representation; the original ‘artworks’ no longer exist, since the sand and sugar is reused in other constructions.  Seeing is Believing was accompanied by Vik Muniz’s 1998 book of the same title, published by Arena Publishers.