William G. Frederking: Facing The Consequences Of Our Actions

About the Exhibition

The exhibition included fifteen explosively colorful photographs by the emerging Chicago photographer.  The series evolved from Frederking’s ultimate acceptance of responsibility that accompanies marriage and parenthood.  The “consequence” in his title combined the joys and frustrations of the adult roles of husband and father, and the realization therein of facing good and ill emotions. 

Using a hand-held 2 1/4” square format camera with a flash, Frederking explored his relationship to his family, largely focusing on his daughter and son, and created dramatic, emotive “portraits” that are metaphorically responsive to his life as a father.  The most recent works included the children of other family members and friends in further exploration of this role and the memories of the photographer’s own childhood.  The exhibition included six 34×34” photographic murals and nine 19×19” prints from color negatives.