Folded Map Digital Exhibition

About the Exhibition

In 2023, high school seniors from Kenwood Academy, Lincoln Park High School, and Prosser Career Academy worked with social justice artist Tonika Lewis Johnson and teachers Todd Osborne, Sydney Walters, and Erin Jimenez, to create photographs and videos inspired by the Folded Map Project. This is a digital exhibition of their work.

An in-person exhibition of this work is also on view for the general public from January 20 – February 18, 2024 at the Columbia College Chicago Community Engagement Hub located on the first floor of 600 S. Michigan Ave. The gallery hours are Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm.

The exhibition is part of the Arts, Activism, Policy, Power program.

Works in photography by students at Lincoln Park High School

Works in video by students at Kenwood Academy

Oluwatobi O.
Michael B.
Jedah S.
Graham K.
Eliot T.
Shania H.
Jaylen C.
Christopher W.
Christian M.
Noble A.
Jean-Luc C.
Malcolm Y.
Kameron C.
Kayla B
Devin G.
Afua O.

Maps created by students at Prosser Career Academy