Education at MoCP

MoCP is an academic art museum that welcomes all students and educators to learn with us. With collection print viewings, exhibitions tours, special programs for area high schools, and downloadable curricular resources, we have many options for people who are eager to learn more about the role of the image in our world today.

Collection-Based Educator Resources

These resources are designed to facilitate a deeper engagement with the museum’s collections and exhibitions.

The guides can help learners gain knowledge and skills in the close reading of images. Each section contains questions for discussion, classroom activities, and expanded information on the artworks in the MoCP collection. These resources are aligned with Illinois Learning standards.

Resources for High School Learners

MoCP has specially designed tours, print viewings, and special programs to engage high school learners. If transportation costs are a barrier of access, please request a bus subsidy on the scheduling forms below, and the museum will pay for your bus expenses.

Art, Activism, Policy, Power is a learning framework that provides resources and opportunities for engagement between high school students and artist activists. The program is designed to address different topics, using the MoCP’s exhibitions, visiting artists, and collections as teaching tools. Students are encouraged to uncover systemic structures that create injustices, to discover how artists use research in their practice to give voice to the pressing issues of their time, and to gain understanding of the power and relevance of the arts in advancing the work of activists. The curricular guides can be implemented and adapted by educators to fit their classroom needs.

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